We create programs and motivate groups of different themes and profiles to visit and share with us our passion for Greece. Among others we give emphasis to the smallest details, study well the project and the participants and give our suggestions.

Thematic Tours

Various holiday packages based on a specific “theme” like Sports and leisure, either lessons on Gastronomy or Art Work Shops, healthy holiday week suggestions, Yoga retreats and many more. More details and offers you will find in our “Tours by Theme” menu.


Rentals of rooms, houses and villas.
Suggested properties of all types and budgets.

featured accommodation:
Bocamviglies by the Sea
Paros Island

Transfer Services

Can be arranged by buses, taxi even VIP services can be provided on mainland or on the islands.

Car Rental

Car Rental, Moto rental & boat rental also available in most of the Cycladic islands and in mainland.

Boat Tickets

We collaborate almost with all boat companies and boat tickets can be issued and send in advance to your place of residence upon agreement.

Air Tickets

Packages all over the Cycladic Islands, based on your own planning needs and requests.

Island Hopping Packages

Can be arranged by buses, taxi even VIP services can be provided on mainland or on the islands.


Private Tours on the island of your preference.  Different tours in every Cycladic island and excursions upon request.  Check in each island what is available and we can discuss the details and book together.

Packages A la Carte

Create your own holiday program with our assistance.  Just give us your travel details and preferences in order to help us complete the ideal holiday package for you.

Sailing Combi Packages

Holiday packages including a sailing cruise combined with hotel stay in the island of embarkation/ disembarkation. Emphasizing on cruises from/to Paros or even Athens to other surrounding islands. Check also our Sailing cruises.

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