Book a private cruise from Paros with a fantastic boat!

The private cruise starts in Paros Island and have different routes:

  • 4 hours cruise – to South of Paros (Faraggas) & Blue Lagoon
  • 6 hours cruise – to Antiparos Caves & Blue Lagoon
  • 8 hours cruise – to Antiparos Caves, Despotiko & Blue Lagoon
  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Max capacity 20 persons
  • Private cruise price starts from 400 €


Cruises included:

  • Drinks / Water / Refreshments
  • Food: Different fish dishes from own recipe, Fruits
  • Small fishing equipment
  • Masks / Respirators for children and adults
  • WiFi
  • Music
  • Shower in deck
  • Bathrooms

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