Syros Island


Syros, queen of Cyclades, has many beautiful beaches easily accessible  or not, that attract the visitor and make the island one of the most  interesting destinations of Cyclades

Galissas: The biggest and most cosmopolitan sand beach of the island, extends in the west about  9 km far from Ermoupoli. It is organized, easily accessible and ideal for  scuba diving fishing.  Beside the beach is another one, Armeos, where nudity is allowed.

Vari:  beautiful and crowded beach in southeast of the island about 10 km far from Ermoupoli.

Megas Gialos:  The Vari bay includes different beautiful beaches where various touristic       settlements are developed, such as Megas Gialos, a lovable beach about 13 km far from       Ermoupoli.  The beach has large shades thanks to the small trees (armirikia) that surround the small bay and the Ag. Antonis chapel.  Other remarkable beaches in the area Achladi, Phamprika and Santorinioi.

Achladi: On our left, before we arrive to Megas Gialos and hidden behind high rocks, is the Achladi beach, small  pittoresque with a fish tavern. This small bay is separated from Vari bay  by the Ai George cape, the figure of the Saint is sculpted on a steep rock  by the hands of our storm-tossed sailors.

Ampelas: Near the Megas Gialos beach, just making a small detour of 1,2 km, we arrive to the isolated Ampelas shore. A few small trees and a little fountain surround this beautiful beach.

Azolimnos:  big seashore close to the homonym touristic settlement.

Delphini:  A fascinating sand beach about 2 km far from the touristic settlement of Kini with the homonym beach. Very clean turquoise waters.

The last village before Apano Meria with a wonderful bay and a very vivid little port, almost 9 km far from Ermoupoli.  It is the seaport of Ano Syra and a safe lee shore for all kind of vessels.  It is a developing touristic destination. From there begin many little boats for       maritime excursions to the less accessible shores of the north coastline of the island. The homonym sandy beach is considered one of the best and most crowded of the island.

Lotos: Small shore in the Kini bay.  Easily accessible on foot through a path that starts from the left of the Kini beach.

Varvarousa:  shore with a small sandy beach, physical extension of Delphini beach.  More easily accessible from the sea by boat from Kini. It is a wild place and the tranquility and transparence of waters fascinate.  Ideal destination for harpoon gunners.

Avlaki: towards the north the Aetos bay with the homonym beach and Avlaki.   Two very picturesque little ports in a peaceful and virgin landscape that fascinates the visitor.  Easy access by boat from Kini but also on foot, if one walks 1,5 hour following a path that starts from Papouri and, leading west through the place Myrties, ends up to the Aetos beach.

Lias: A unique virgin beach with clean waters, surprisingly shades and a «lakka» with water       enough to refresh the visitors. Easy access by boat from Kini but also on foot, if one walks about half an hour from Kampos.

Gria Spelia: walking through the small beaches of  Mega Lakkos and Marmari, we arrive at       the Grammata bay. This bay, hidden in the mountains, open only to the south, is famous since the antiquity, as a safe lee shore from the storms and the winds. It is also accessible by boat from Kini but also on foot,  if one walks about an hour from the path that starts in Kampos. In the end       of the bay is the fascinating Gria Spelia with a few trees and calm sea       giving to the visitor the impression of a lake.

Kavo and Diapori: small beaches on the northern end of the island.  Kavos is an ideal spot for fishing.

Sykamia: On the east of the island, small protected beach with a beautiful cave.

Kastri:  rocky and wild beach on the east side of the island, on the foot of Kastri ancient       Acropolis. Easy access from the sea by boat from Ermoupoli or Kini, but also on foot from Chalandriani through a difficult climbing and almost one hour walk.

Poseidonia Delagratsia: one of the most beautiful places of the island. Very nice sandy beach and clean sea.

Phoinikas:  maritime settlement with fascinating sand beach, physical extension of Delagratsia.    Its bay is protected lee shore for all kind of sailing vessels reaching Syros.

Kometo:  on the south side of the island, a unique beach «hermitage», isolated as a small oasis with many trees (armirikia), is considered on the most beautiful of the island. It is about 2 km far from Phoinikas.

 Agathopes:  one of the most famous and crowded beaches of the island.  Just 700 m from the  junction leading to Phoinikas.  Excellent sand beach with transparent waters,  surrounded by restaurants, hotels, volley court and refreshment room.

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