Sifnos Island


Sifnos, gives a lot of options for walking and hiking for the ones that likes to combine their holidays with exercise and the opportunity to explore the island step by step.  Ideal choice for walkers which can enjoy the history, the tradition, the culture and nature of the island.  Hiking enthusiasts have the opportunity to follow several alternative routes. Can be organized either in advance or on the spot.  The only thing you need besides a local map is the suitable shoes and light cloths.

Sifnos is quite famous for their Pottery “industry”. In Sifnos the tradition of ceramic art continues from local potters as usual and there are many picturesque pottery workshops where you can meet together and be mesmerized by the ritual art of the wheel!

Trips by boat can be organized  either for leisure tour or to be combined with fishing.

In Sifnos, the areas of Chrysopigi the Cross and the Lighthouse will impress  their visitors by the richness of the sea! Fish will find here is sterile, bass, red snapper, gurnard, rofoi etc…

Also in the southern region of the island are the island Kitriani. The bottom of the sea that has many caves, holes, and plates abstentions hosting many fish as sargous, lychees, etc. rofous. While on the west side of Sifnos Vathi stand out as the bottom is sandy hand, many fish gather in the bay Vroulidia located above Kamares. They have sargous, red snapper, red mullet, and damaged several other fish.

Water sports are also available in Sifnos.  For the lovers of diving  are given unique opportunity to experience unprecedented experience of the sea in Sifnos! According to the  underwater  activity funs,  is the most beautiful sea in Greece.  Discover the magical world of sea and meet the unique beauty of Sifnos Island.

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