Serifos Island


Serifos has a great variety of beaches, many of which are not accessible. The relatively good road network of the island facilitates the visit to amazing sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun.

Here are some of the beaches that in our opinion are worth visiting:

  • Koutalas: Located on the southwestern side of the island, approximately 10km away from Hora. A sandy beach with small pebbles both in and out of the sea, with turquoise waters, though not organized. The Koutalas bay consists of 3 excellent beaches, Ganema, Vagia and Koutalas. Next you come across Malliadiko towards the SW side of the island.
  • Avlomonas: The longest beach on the island, approximately 1km long, located on the SW side, next to Livadi village. It is about 13km away from Hora. A sandy beach with shallow waters, organized and easily accessible, where a beach bar and taverns also operate.
  • Sykaimias: The beach of this village is considered to be the best sandy one on the island. The picturesque fish port of Sykaimia with the long beach is located next to Panagia village.
  • Psili Ammos: A small but amazing beach, east of Livadi and quite close to Agios Ioannis beach.
  • Lia: a very beautiful pebbly and sandy beach just before you reach Psili Ammos beach.
  • Agios Sostis: A small sandy and pebbly beach, just past Lia and before Psili Ammos. A small church with the same name dominates the region.
  • Agios Ioannis: a beautiful beach that is a natural continuity of Psili Ammos.
  • Livadakia: a beach just next to Livadi. It is also very close to Karavi beach.
  • Kentarhos:thebeautifulbutabitdistantbeach, whichisthehavenofoneoftheisland’sabandonedvillages, Kallitsos. A bit northern lies the beach of Platy Yialo.
  • Avessalos, Karavas, Megalo Livadi and Tsilipaki: beautiful beaches that stretch along the western side of the island.

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