Paros Island


The extent of Paros coast line is about 120km with a variety of beaches. Sandy, rocky or pebble beaches, quiet, organized, unorganized, popular for sea sports or for partying, with umbrellas or not, small or long with deep water or shallow for children and families, easy to reach or really difficult to find and so on.

Some of the best known and beautiful beaches are the following:


Farangas: a long sandy beach close to Aliki considered the most “in” beach over the last few years. It is organized with umbrellas, restaurant and a beach bar. Reachable by car, not bus.

Kolimbithres: the most famous beach in Paros. Sandy beach surrounded by  unique rocks, shaped like sculptures. It is very well protected from the winds with shallow waters ideal for children. It is reachable by car and by small wooden boats leaving from Naoussa port.

Pounta Beach: is an organized beach bar after Logaras. It has a complex of shops, bars and self-service restaurants. It is very popular with young people for sports activities, bungee jumping and of course for the parties with loud music that take place all day long. Sometimes live concerts take place at the weekends.

Golden Beach: a well known beach in the southeast part of the island. It is a long beach of about 1km with golden sand and clear blue sea. It’s easily reachable by car and has various accommodation units and snack-bars. It is a paradise for wind surfers.


Parasporos: on the west side of the island, about 3km from Parikia. Reachable easily although you have to walk a bit if you use the bus. It is an organized beach with a restaurant and a beach bar.

Livadia: the main beach of Parikia. It is an easily reachable sandy organized beach, surrounded by restaurants and beach bars.

Logaras: a long sandy beach in the southeast part of the island. It has deep clear waters and is surrounded by restaurants and snack-bars right by the sea. The beach has been awarded the “Blue Flag”.

Santa Maria: a complex of three beaches 3km from Naousa. The main beach is a long sandy organized beach with fixed umbrellas and sun chairs, restaurant, beach bar, a paradise for the surfers. The other on the left is smaller and it is also where the boats from Naousa port bring people. Behind there is a camping site and a school of wind surfing and diving.

New Golden Beach – Tserdakia: the bay next to Golden Beach. It is an organized sandy beach with a wind surfing school. If you don’t stay in one of the hotels next to the beach, transport is important, because the nearest bus stop is at least 1km away.


Marchelo & Krios: two sandy beaches in two continuous bays opposite the port of Parikia. Protected from the winds (Meltemia) reachable by car or by boat from the port of Parikia. Marchelo is ideal for children.

Xifara: The continuation of Aghioi Anargyroi beach and extends as far as Lageri. It is a sandy beach with shallow water, suitable for families and children.

Drios: 27km from Parikia, sandy beach with clear blue waters, plenty of trees, restaurants and small accommodation units also right by the sea.

Molos: is a long sandy beach on the left of Kalogeras. It’s ideal for families because of the shallow clear waters. At the beginning of the beach we find various restaurants. It’s reachable by car, but also on foot from Marmara for those who like to walk.

Delphini: just before Parasporos, a small sandy beach with deep water with a snack-bar.

Aghia Irene: On the west side of the island and about 4km from Parikia. This beach is separated into two parts both sandy and protected from the winds, but one has a camping site and the other tall palm trees. A restaurant with local cuisine is close to both.

Filizi: is a combination of 3-4 small bays continuing to Santa Maria with sandy secluded beaches, reachable on foot.

Kalogeras: a beautiful beach on the southeast coast. The unique feature of this beach is the rocky mountain that produces a mud of argil that people like to use as a beauty mask while swimming. Behind the beach are also small fish restaurants that offer local specialties and fresh fish. The beach is easily reachable by car and for those who like walking, on foot from the village of Marmara.

Tsoukalia: It’s located between Ambelas and Molos. Reachable is mainly by private transport. It is a secluded beach, but a favorite choice of the wind surfers. Close to Tsoukalia are two bays with pebble and sandy beach, Argiakas and Plakoto, reachable also from Ambelas by a very narrow street where a car barely fits.



Lageri: a beach 2km from Naousa with fine white sand, sandy hills and bushes (armirikia) providing shade, favored by the nudists. It is reachable by small boat from Naousa port and by the bus that goes to Santa Maria. From the bus stop of Zhoodocho Pigi is a 10’ walk.

Messada: A beach situated in the south part of Paros, between the Pounda beach and the New Golden Beach.

Gremos beach: a small beach located between Ambelas and Plakoto.

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