Naxos Island


Naxos is well known for the wide coastline and the enormous variety of wonderful beaches.  Mainly sandy wide beaches are stretched out from east to west.

Some of the most popular ones are mentioned here under:

Plaka: One of the largest beaches. It is located in the southern side of the island. Access is easy. There are many restaurants, beach bars and snack bars.

Mikri Vigla: This small foreland has two beautiful beaches. It is 17 km far from Chora. Both beaches (the northern is called Parthenas and the southern Sahara) are large, with emerald-green waters and sand.

Kastraki: This is the natural continuation of Mikri Vigla, from its southern side. It has white sand and crystal-clear sea.

Agia Anna: Gorgeous beach, on the western side of the island, close to the homonymic village. Access is easy. There you will find restaurants, beach bars και snack bars.

Agios Prokopis: Popular beach with easy access. It is located close to Chora, on the southwestern side of the island, before Agia Anna. A lee shore, with crystal-clear waters. There is access to aquatic sports facilities. Nearby there are some restaurants.

Glyfada: Sandy beach with white sand, 3 km long. Ideal for children.

Abrami: Gorgeous beach on the northwestern side of the island.

And many more which you could discover either by car rental or by boat.

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