Naxos Island


During your stay in Naxos, you will have many opportunities to make many excursions, which will allow you to explore the island, inch by inch.

If you opt for public transportation, you should know that buses depart from Chora. Check in advance the itineraries and their frequency.

There are organized tours and 1-day cruises that take you around the island or in other islands of the Cyclades. Nature lovers may opt for a hike, with varying degrees of difficulty. We can suggest some hikes. Of course, you can be creative and discover your own paths!

Kinidaros river. From Kinidaros settlement starts a rugged road that leads to a fertile valley, where the homonymic river runs. Leave your car in Kinidaros and continue on foot. On the eastern side, in Chalandra area, you can see the abandoned churches of St. Artemios (18th century) and St. Dimitrios. It is said that in this area there was a temple of the Goddess Artemis. On the western side, and parallel to the river, you can see an old stone bridge, small waterfalls and some abandoned water mills. There are many butterflies and water turtles.
Peak of mountain Zas. Follow the crossroad from Filoti to Danakos. On the right side of the road, you can see the church of St. Marina. There starts the path that leads to the peak of mountain Zas. After 2 hours’ walk, you will reach the peak of the highest Cycladian mountain. When you reach the first crossroad, follow the left path. Shortly afterwards you will see a spring, and then an inscription “Mountain of Zeus Meloseos”, reminding of the ancient worship of Zeus in the area.  Then you reach the peak. On the north-western side of the mountain is located the cave of Zas, where, according to mythology, Zeus grew up. On your way down, you can walk to the side of the cave. However, this requires attention, because of the sloping bank. Otherwise, take the standard path. From the cave, you can follow a path leading to a flat with trees and a spring. Filoti is only 1 km far from there.

Apano Kastro (Upper Castle). Starting from Chalki, follow the road to Potamia – Chora and go to Tsikalario. At the end of this settlement, starts a path leading to Apano Kastro. After a point, the path is not defined, but it goes to the left. The view is breath-taking and the whole experience may feel as if you enter a time warp. On your way back, go down from the western side and continue in a northwestern direction, through the fields. Then you will see the path of the mules that leads to Potamia.
Skeponi. From the onshore road, going from Chora to Apollonas, and shortl after Eggares, you see a dirt road at your right that leads to Skeponi, an abandoned stone settlement in a beautiful spot with running water.

Some of the most well-known and recommended hikes are the following:
From Apeiranthos, to the 3rd highest mountain Fanari, and then to the settlement Moni. 4-5 hours walk.

From the settlement Moni to Panagia Drossiani, Rachi and Chalki. About 1 hour walk.

Chalki – Tsikalario – Apano Kastro – Potamia – Flerio – Mili.

Filoti – Agia Marina – Peak of Zas. 2 hours walk.

Filoti – Agia Marina – Castle of Chymaros – Cave of Zas – Filoti.

Koronos – Mirissis – Abramis. About 5 hours walk.

Beyond the hikes, there are also 2 football grounds 5Χ5, a dirt road network and cycling tracks. There are schools of equitation, both for beginners and advanced.
Many beaches have facilities for aquatic sports, for all levels. On the beaches St. George, Agios Prokopis and Agia Anna, there are organized athletic centers.  Wind surfing, slalom and speed wave, and beach volley are practised widely.

There are organized tours, like the Island Tour. This is done with a bus. After a walk in Chora, it goes through the alpine villages, and reaches Apollonas, at the northeastern coasts. The bus returns to Chora in the evening, via the onshore road.
1-day excursion to Thira. Departures: twice weekly. This gives you an opportunity to see the majestic Thira, in particular Fyra and Ia.
1-day cruise to Mykonos and Delos. Departures: thrice weekly. See the most famous open-air museum of Delos and enjoy a walk in cosmopolitan Mykonos.
1-day cruise to Kalado. See the most virgin beaches of the island.
There is easy access to the nearby islands (Schinoussa, Heracleia, Koufonissi, Amorgos).

Naxos – an island with many faces and great opportunities for relaxation, fun and exploration! Do not miss the opportunity to visit it and love it. It will be our pleasure to show you around!

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