Mykonos Island


The beaches of Mykonos belong to nicest and best organized beaches in the Aegean Sea. Especially along the wind protected south, they are all easily accessible.

The well developed road system of Mykonos allows a good connection by the bus or own vehicle. Besides, small boats connect the beaches in the south.


Beginning from the west coast and southwest coast


The bay of Choulakia, known for her pebble beach is to be reached over the street from Agios Stefanos.


Approx. 200 meter long sandy beach – 4 km north of Chora. Taverns, cafés and bars on the beach. Good bus connections (bus stop close to the old port in Chora).


Long-pulled, narrow beach segment below the street with the new harbor


South of Mykonos town, take the street along the coast, approx. 15 walking minutes. Nevertheless, this sandy beach is surely affected by the wind which sometimes leads to soiling. It gets full only in high season. The street continues to Korfos and Ornos.


At the end of the long pulled bay. The bay is open to the north, hence, susceptible to wind. Well for wind surfers, but barely favorable for swimming.


Beautiful sandy beach in a bay open to the south. At the end of the street coming from Chora. Good bus connections and boats connect Ornos to the beaches of the south coast. Taverns, cafés and bars right on the beach


White sandy beach with marvelous view to Delos. Accessible over an asphalted road over a small hill chain which separates Ornos and Agios Ioannis.


From Agios Ioannis to the north approx. 200 meters. Small sandy bay without any amenities.


The south coast


Well organized sandy beach in the south. Taverns, cafés and bars. Countless deck chairs and sunshades. Good bus connections with Mykonos town. Boats to the other beaches.


200 meter long sand beach to the west of Platis Gialos. Comfortable taverns directly on the beach.On can reach the beach on foot from the bus station in Platis Gialos, or by own vehicle.


Small, more quiet natural beach, approx. 15 minutes walking distance east of Platis Gialos.


Approx. 200 meter wide sandy beach. One can walk from Platis Gialos (approx.  20 mintues) or take the road from Mykonos town. Tavernas and bars right on the beach. Good, cosy ambience, less crowded compared to Platis Gialos and Paradise Beach.


Probably the best known beach on the island of Mykonos, called also Kalamopódi. Approx. 400 meter long sandy beach. Sunchairs and –umbrellas to rent. Natural shaddow by tamarisk trees. Meeting place and party sounds already at noon, loudly music, good mood. Taverns and big bars directly on the beach. Only a few walking minutes to the east of Paranga. Well accessible over the street by own vehicle or by the bus. The full moon parties are especially famous.


This beach is also called “Plindri”. It is an approx. 200 meter long sandy beach situated in a picturesque bay. Sunchairs and -umbrellas. Popular Gay beach, especially on the werste part.  Frequent events and beach parties, loudly music, good mood. Self service restaurant and big bar. Accessible over a street by own vehicle or by the boat from Platys Gialos.


Agrari is a nice, coarse grained sandy beach, east of Super Paradise along the south coast. It is a good 500 meters long and relatively wide. Rental of sunchairs and umbrellas, tavern with Self service. Well accessible over the street, also by the public bus. Substantially more relaxed atmosphere than on the surrounding beaches SUPER PARADISE or ELIA. By the boat from Platys Gialos to ELIA BEACH and from there approx. 15 minutes on foot.


Elia is called by many visitors as the nicest of the organized beaches. About 500 meters long, sunumbrellas and -chairs, water sport (jet ski, water-ski …), taverns. Well accessible over the street, also by the public bus or the boat from Platys Gialos.


Above the beach of ELIA situated. Offers several pools, water children’s slides, fitness, bars and restaurants, music and good mood. Free bus transfer of Mykonos town.


We continue on the south-east coast


Kalo Livadi is approx. 400 meter long. Nice sandy beach in the southeast. Sunchairs and

-umbrellas to rent, taverns. Accessible over the street, there is also a bus connection. Specially in low season it is less frequented.


Further to the east we reach the beach of AGIA ANNA, approx. 150 meters long. Sunchairs and -umbrellas to rent taverns, a diving base. Nearby the remains of a ancient settlement were discovered.


Kalafatis is an about 600 meter long sandy beach, north of the cape “Dimasto”. Good conditions for wind surfers. Taverns, sunchairs and -umbrellas to rent, water sport (water-ski, jet ski, Banana Boat) and a wind surfing centre. Accessible over the street, also bus connections with Mykonos town.


The beach is situated on the east end of the south coast. Caused through the remote location mostly quietly, however, susceptible to wind. Street of ANO MERA, last part is a dirt road. Sunchairs and -umbrellas to rent, tavernas.


The North-East and North


More quiet, coarse-sandy beach in the north. Accessible over the street from ANO MERA. Nice situated tavern. Further to the east there is the beach of MERSINI, accessible by a dirt road.


If there lies in the north at the beginning of the deep bay ORMOS PARNORMOU. Beach with dunes, indeed, directly to the strong north hoists put out, this leads to the soiling by alluvial material. Ideally for wind surfers (no beginners), on a low cape the remains of a prehistoric settlement were found. Accessible over a street of ANO MERA.


PANORMOS is an approx. 1 km long curved sandy beach with dunes, taverns. Accessible over a street of MARATHI, past in the LIMNI MARATHI.


From PANORMOS further to the north in the ORMOS PANORMOU. Named after the church with red barrel vault above,  approx. 150 meters long sandy beach. Tavern.

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