Milos Island


For sure you can do a lot of things on the island.  Surfing, Jet ski, Kayak, canoeing, water skiing, beach volleyball, diving, fishing and walking, just to mention a few.

You can also go on trips around the island, using a boat. For example from Adama port on daily basis depart small boats that go either on the big trip round the island (duration of 9-10 hours) or a smaller boat tour around the island (duration of 6 hours).
From Kipos beach depart small boats that going to the beaches of Geronta, Kleftiko, Geraka and the Theiorihion.

On the other hand from the port of Pollonia, there is frequent connection with small ferry boat or with “kaiki” for the island of Kimolos, or the Papafragas cave and the Glaronisia.

Alternatively you can visit the spa baths of Adamantas, Paleohori, Kastana and Tria Pigadia.
The island also has a conference center which can accommodate up to 320 people.

Also in Milos there is big variety of tours and excursions that would give to the guest a chance to explore the island from various aspects and views during an unforgettable holiday.

Daily guided excursions following the Miloterranean routes.  Miloterranean Geo Experiences cater to the inquisitive traveler’s desire to discover the multifaceted beauty of the Greek islands’ Milos and Kimolos landscape and volcanic origin. Maps with detailed routes complemented by concise text, guide the visitor’s discovery of the island’s unique geology, wealth of mining history and present, and its beautiful natural environment; a so-far “secret” Milos is revealed. Geologists, mining engineers, foresters, cartographers and historians combined their expertise and insights to take you on an unprecedented journey of this Cycladic scenery.

Daily guided tours for hiking and cycling including light lunch also available.  There are 7 different routes for both, hiking and cycling tours.  Daily at 10:30 am for a 5 hour adventure.

Daily guided tours by Bus. Every day our bus follows a different route.  The archaeological triangle, the north route, the south route, the geo route, the west route, the east route and on Sundays we do an imaginary trip to the past while watching the extraordinary sunset; “The Pilots of Milo’s Castle”.   The tour starts from Adamas at 11:00 am and the return is at 17:00. Two stops for swimming, lunch or both. If you stay in Pollonia our bus offers free transfer to Adamas from our branch office at 10:15 am.  Our collaborator travel agency in Adamas also offers guided private tours by bus or by car for groups or individuals focusing on Milos ancient history, Milos geology or Milos museums.

Private tour by car (up to 4 passengers per vehicle) or by a 7-seater mini van.   Our driver/guide will drive you around the island and follow a sightseeing route tailor-made to your interests.  When Milos is simply a stop over island while you are hopping around the Cycladic islands by private boat, we can offer an Around the Island Tour, to show you the most popular and beautiful sights, beaches, museums etc.

On the other hand if you are interested in the important ancient history of Milos, an experienced guide will take you to all the important spots such as the Ancient Theater, the ancient town of Filakopi etc and he/she will give you all the information about the ancient inheritance of our island.  Milos is world known for its mineral wealth! If you are interested in the geological side of Milos we will arrange for you a tour around the major mines and/or spots with the biggest geological interest.

Finally we can also arrange a religious tour of the island by car.  Milos has been declared a Holy Island by the Orthodox Church of Greece.  A guide will take you around the churches and chapels of the island, to the ecclesiastical museum and also to the Catacombs and will provide you with all the information you would like to have.

Sea-kayaking also available in order to enjoy sea and sun. You don’t need to have previous knowledge of kayaking.  Rod will pick you up from our collaborator office in Adamas, Athena Travel, at 9.45 in the morning and will take you on a great day around Milos beaches!  Your return time will be at around 17.00.

You will paddle on the crystal clear waters, you will rest and swim on colorful beaches and you will have a morning snack and also enjoy a light lunch on the beach.  Rod will be your qualified, very experienced guide and he will also send you pictures from your kayaking day on your e-mail.  Kayaking in Milos is an experience you just should not miss!

Water Sports. Why don’t you combine your holiday time with learning water skiing or even a more extreme sport such as Wakeboarding or Windsurfing?  Milos offers the facilities for water sports both in Adamas and at Paliochori beach.  You can experience the excitement of these water sports as we are offering you the possibility to have daily lessons through our “Stay and Do water sports” package at special prices!

Learn to dive or, if you already have some experience, explore the waters of Milos through our Stay and Dive offer.  Experienced Divers call Milos a paradise! We will be able to give you various packages offered by the diving center which will include instruction, accompanied dives, equipment use etc.  Contact us to give you detailed information, according to your personal needs.  Packages can be arranged only for diving but also including your accommodation in Milos during your stay.

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