Amorgos Island


The wonderful landscape of Amorgos with its unique combination of sea and mountains, invites you to walk and hike and enjoy both the rich flora and the endless fantastic views on every corner of the island.

In Amorgos there are many trails that offer a variety of different possibilities of exploration. Considering that all this hypsometrical scale is actually completed within a short distance starting from the shore, it is easily understood that certain requirements must be met by anyone attempting such a tour. On the ridges the sun is really merciless. On the high peaks, the whole area can be covered by dense fog within a few minutes, while strong winds usually blow. These hard conditions should not be underestimated in any case. Drinkable water, suitable shoes and a special jacket are necessary. Even in the marked routes, suitable shoes should be worn and drinkable water should be brought along.

The traditional paths have mostly been preserved, providing us with amazing opportunities of exploring the island. Below are presented many routes for rambling around the island. Four of these routes go through marked paths (red and white signs with numbers).

Route 1 known as the “Royal Route”, starts at Chora to Aegiali.  From Chora goes past the Monastery of Hozoviotissa and continues towards Egiali. This is distance of nearly 16 Km along the central ridge of the island. It is an unforgettable trip with a view of Naxos, the Small Eastern Cyclades and Iraklia. distance = 16 Km

Route 2 with the red and white mark, connects Chora with Katapola in about half an hour. The path is old and actually it looks like a traditional path for donkeys. The route begins at Chora, it is approximately 4 km long and does not require any high level of experience.  Distance = 4km /duration = 30 mins

Route 3 starts from Arkesini to Vroutsi and then to Katapola. It is a distance of 13 Km with duration of about 3 and half hours of walking. The route, though, has been marked only from Arkesini to Vroutsi with red and white. Supplies (enough water and food) are suggested to be taken with. Possibilities of provision are given also at Cafes in Arkesini and Vroutsi, small taverns in Arkesini and in the church of Stavros, as well as in Katapola. Options to swim is given in the bay of Agia Saranta. Distance = 13km/duration = 3.5 hours

Route 4 is also wonderful. Starting at Egiali and finishing at Egiali as well, it goes round the whole valley behind the Bay of Egiali. This route it’s a distance of 9km with a duration of 2 and half hours of walking and goes past the fascinating villages Tholaria and Lagada. Referring to supplies, only on very hot days you should carry water since there are a lot of possibilities for provision as possibilities to stops are given at cafes and restaurants in Tholaria, Lagada and Ormos.  Distance = 9km /duration = 2.5 hours

Route 6 The lonely rocky rampart – tracing the miners above the picturesque monastery of St. Theologos towards the church of Stavros. It’s a distance of 14km with duration of about 4 hours of walking. Suitable shoes of walking are highly recommended. Enough drinkable water as well as other supplies are necessary since there is no possibility of provision during the trip. Cafes and restaurants we found in the village Lagada where the trip starts from and ends to. Distance = 14km   duration = 4 hours

Walking times mentioned on the above routes refer to walkers with medium training and experience, apart from the routes described above, there are also many other possibilities of exploring the island. For example, there is the route to the high peak of Profitis Helias at Chora (almost 700 meters altitude) or the route to the vertical cliff of Ancient Arkesini in the southern part of the island. There is also the route to the Mountain Korakas, which is the highest mountain of the region. A lot of interesting opportunities for exploration can be found in the Bay of Egiali in the north of the island, such as the remote small bays of Megali Vlichada and Mikri Vlichada which are also suitable for swimming.

Whichever route you choose, rambling round Amorgos is a celebration for all the senses!

On the island there is a well organized Dive Center, which offers  you the possibility to explore the crystal clear wonders of the “Big Blue”. Amorgos scuba diving centre was established in 2007, offering you fresh new dive equipment and state – of- the air fill station ensuring the highest quality breathing air. We are both a PADI and ANDI dive centre, bringing you all levels or recognized dive education from novice to professional. We also offer a number of activities such as underwater photography, peak performance buoyancy, night diving and many more…

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