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55 Euro

Sunset on board

Sailing in the Caldera From Athinio

Volcano – swim on Hot Springs 

Enjoy sunset on board– dinner on board.



900 Euro

Tile Mosaic 8 Days Seminar
Accommodation, Transfers,
13 meals, 2 day tours, Car available,
5 days tile Mosaic lessons,
Tools and materials



50 Euro

Departures from Paros & Naxos
3 hours Visit to Delos Archaeological Site
3,5 hours Visit to Mykonos

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Sailing into Cyclades:

7 Days private sailing cruises to/from Paros
to the surrounding islands.

3 & 4 days available May & June.

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Milos Sights & Villages



Ten years ago Milos had not been discovered by the tourist.  As a result the island and it’s people retain a lot of the original Cycladic characteristics. As far as picturesque beaches are concerned, the tourist will find many.

Adamantas is the port and the first thing that you see on approaching the island. It was build by the Cretans in 1824. Adamantas is a lively place, especially during summer season. It is only 4 km away from Plaka, the capital of the island. When in Adamantas, be sure to visit the mineral museum, the church of the Holy Trinity with it’s mosaic and the Catholic church of St. Nikolas. On mount Nichia you will find the cemetery of the French solders from the First World War.

Plaka got its name from “Plaka” which means “something flat”. It is perhaps the nicest of all the settlements on the island.  Take the time to walk along the unspoiled roads, enjoy the beautiful white houses, the arches, and see the castle.nThere is a magical view of the sunset from the churchyard of “Panagia Thalassitra”. The museum is a must with a good copy of the Afroditi of Milos, the original being in the Louvre.

Two villages build facing each other on two hills, Triovasali is only 1,5 km away from Plaka and has small white houses, churches and village squares. Visit St. George’s church (Agios Geotgios) and see the interior paintings.

Tripiti got it’s name from the world “tripa” which means “hole”. There are many such holes in the landscape, many of which are used as storage space or stables. Tripiti is just 1 km away from Plaka. The village of Tripiti has many windmills, some of which are used as rented accommodation.

Klima is a fishing village just 4km away from Plaka. Be sure to see the “Sirmata”, two storey houses build by the sea so that the fishermen can put their fishing boats in the first storey of their house. Here the boats are protected from high winds and can also be repaired.  
In close distance from Klima you will find the catacombs which were discovered in 1840. These consist of a network of tunnels 185 meters in length and were used between the 2nd and the 5th centuries AD. While you are there visit the ruins of ancient Milos as well.

Zephyria is 9 km away from Plaka and is situated on the east of the island. It was the capital of the island around 1400 AD when pirates were the greatest threat to the inhabitants. After the 18th century earthquakes caused poisonous gasses to the released and people began to desert this part of the island.

Appollonia is a seaside village in the northeast of the island, 14 km away from Plaka and with about 300 villagers. It got its name from the temple of the god Apollo which exist there. 3 km away from Appollonia you will find the ancient ruins of Filakopi, dated between 2300 – 1100 BC. Do not miss the cave of Papafranga and have an unforgettable swim there.

Emburio, a very small port with about 80 villagers, got its name from the word “Emborio” that means “trade”. Emburio does not have the activity it used to have when trade there was flourishing. Nearby is Faturenia beach.

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